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Meet Our Team

Representing the same vitality and diversity as the communities we serve, TASC’s 200+ employees across Illinois include clinical care coordinators, certified alcohol and drug counselors, community reentry specialists, and youth advocates. With varied backgrounds and interests, we share a common desire to make a positive difference through TASC’s mission.

Guiding the delivery of our mission, TASC’s leadership team includes our board of directors, executives, directors, and statewide program administrators.


TASC Board of Directors 

DeAnna I. Jones, Chair

Joseph A. Zarlengo,JD, LLM, Vice Chair
Lawrence Kamin Law Firm, LLC

Juan R. Thomas, JD, Treasurer
Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.

Tracy Thompson, Secretary
Capital Group Private Client Services

Kimberly Brown, MBA, PMP

Jason Hutton, MBA

Jorge Montes, JD
Montes & Associates

Carleton Nolan
Provisio Partners

Yaw Ofosu, MBA, CHP
Health Care Service Corporation

Curtrice Scott, JD
Northwestern University

Omonigho Ufomata, MPA
American Academy of Pediatrics

John J. Zielinski, CFA, CFP
Optimum Investment Advisors, LLC



Joel K. Johnson


Joel K. Johnson, MEd 
President and CEO

Malik Nevels


Malik S. Nevels, JD, PMP
Chief Operating Officer 

Roy Fesmire


Roy H. Fesmire, MAS, CPA
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 

Audrey M. Walker


Audrey M. Walker, MBA
Vice President of Human Resources 

Rebecca Levin


Rebecca Levin, MPH
Vice President of Policy  

Jac Charlier


Jac A. Charlier, MPA
Executive Director, TASC Center for Health and Justice  


Statewide Operations Directors

Brad Bullock


Bradley Bullock, MFA, CADC, CODP
Director of Adult Criminal Justice and Treatment Services   

Tammie Morris


Tammie T. Morris, MNA
Director of Corrections Transition Programs

Guy Schingoethe


Guy Schingoethe, BA
Director of Deflection

Danielle Vinson-Tucker


Danielle Vinson-Tucker, MSW
Director of Youth and Family Services  



Carey Deacon, MSW • Senior Director for Deflection Initiatives, TASC Center for Health and Justice

Hope Fiori, MPPA • Director of the National Deflection TA Center, TASC Center for Health and Justice

Jason Gaddy • Director of Office Services and Facilities

Christine (Bulgozdi) Kearney, Esq. • Director of Compliance

Maureen McDonnell, MPH • Senior Director for Health & Justice, TASC Center for Health and Justice

Dion McGill, BA • Director of Communications and Marketing

Alicia Osborne, MA, CRC, LCPC • Senior Director of Development  

Jon Ross, PhD • Director of Research and Evaluation, TASC Center for Health and Justice  

Emily Trogolo, MSPH • Director of Performance and Quality Improvement   

Norma Turner, BS • Operational Director of Toxicology   

Marina Uk, MS • Director of Management Information Systems


Area Administrators
Clifton Bell, IV
Administrator, TASC Adult Court Services for Area 1 (Cook County) 

Amber Bridgman, BSW, CADC, CODP
Administrator, Services in Southern Illinois (TASC Area 8), and Corrections Transition Programs for IDOC Parole District 5 and SWICC Pre-Release  

Angela Daniels, BS, CADC
Administrator, Corrections Transition Programs for IDOC Parole Districts 1 and 2

Nichole Davidson MA, CADC
Administrator, Corrections Transition Programs for IDOC Parole Districts 3 and 4

Ryan Dillon, BA, CADC
Administrator, Services in the Collar Counties (TASC Areas 10 and 11)  

Deevon Dorsey, MHS, CADC, CODP1
Administrator, Juvenile Justice Collaborative (JJC)  

Pamela Ewing, MS, LCPC, CADC 
Administrator, Clinical Director, Behavioral Health Clinic for TASC Area 1 (Cook County) 

Anthony L. Harden, CADC, ATE
Administrator, Youth, Diversion, and Care Coordination Services in TASC Area 1 (Cook County) 

Joe Jackson, MA, LPC
Administrator, TASC Areas 7 and 9 (South Central Illinois and Metro East region) 

Bridget C. Kiely, BA, CCJP, CADC, Board Registered Interventionist
Administrator, TASC Areas 2 and 3 (Northwest Illinois)

Amber Morris, MSW, LSW, CADC
Administrator, Sheridan Pre-Release 

Stephanie L. Nevilles, BS, CADC
Administrator, Deflection Services for Downstate Illinois 

Shundra Parker, BA, MS
Administrator, TASC Areas 4, 5, and 6 (Central Illinois), HealthWorks and Smart Start 

Etoria Thompkins, CADC
Administrator, Treatment Services and Specialty Programs for TASC Area 1 (Cook County)