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TASC is designated by the State to provide substance use assessment, treatment placement, monitoring, and other services as an alternative to incarceration. 

Designated Program

At TASC, we’re working to reduce the number of people in the justice system. For individuals whose substance use disorders have put them at risk of either arrest or rearrest, we offer a wide variety of services and programs to help them access treatment and recovery.

One such set of services is outlined in Illinois’ “designated program” statute, whereby men and women who potentially face incarceration may choose supervised treatment in the community if they have a substance use disorder and also meet statutory eligibility criteria.  

The Illinois Department of Human Services designates and licenses providers to “conduct screening, assessment, referral and tracking of clients identified by the criminal justice system as having indications of substance use disorders… and assist in the placement of individuals who are under court order to participate in treatment.” 

TASC is designated, licensed, and funded by the State to perform these functions. These specialized case management services are offered alongside probation supervision. Our specially trained case managers help clients navigate the complex requirements of both justice and health systems, while also supporting clients as they make significant changes in their lives over time. 

In addition to our designation by the Department of Human Services, TASC also is designated, licensed, and funded by the Illinois Department of Corrections to provide assessment and case management services for eligible individuals released from Illinois state prisons. 

These are just two examples of how people find help through TASC. Learn more about our work

Note: It is not necessary for a person to be referred through the designated program in order to receive TASC’s services. The designated program is one avenue among many by which TASC advocates for and serves people, from deflection and alternatives to incarceration to post-incarceration community reentry to our programs for youth and families.

Making a Difference

With service sites across Illinois, TASC reaches thousands of people annually. In this way, we help prevent unnecessary incarceration, assure accountability, save the State millions of dollars annually, and give people guidance, opportunity, responsibility, and support to address underlying substance use conditions that have contributed to involvement in the justice system.

TASC is accredited by CARF International. This prestigious accreditation demonstrates a program’s quality, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of people served.