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TASC Newsletter Archive

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Below please find TASC newsletters published through 2017.

News & Views--Summer/Fall 2017

Articles found in this issue:
-Leading the Movement Toward Diversion as First Response (p. 1)
-President’s Corner: As We Move Forward, Let’s Not Forget What We’ve Learned (p. 2)
-Congratulations to TASC Board Members and Executives (p. 2)
-National Addiction Policy Forum Spotlights Innovations (p. 3)
-Pre-Arrest Diversion Frameworks (p. 5)
-Free Self-Study Courses for Criminal Justice Practitioners: Responding to Addiction (p. 5)
-TASC Releases Illinois Prosecutorial Diversion Survey (p. 6)
-TASC, Partners Open Supportive Release Center Near Cook County Jail (p. 7)
-Together We Change More Lives, Prairie Center Excerpt (p. 7)
-2017 TASC Leadership Awards Luncheon (p. 8)

News & Views--Winter 2016-17

Articles found in this issue:
-Supporting Criminal Justice Reforms and Treatment Access: National Initiatives (p. 1)
-People and Events (p.2)
-Highlights from 2016 TASC Leadership Awards Luncheon (p. 3)

Special Anniversary Feature:
-TASC: 40 Years of Promoting Health and Justice (p. i)
-TASC Timeline (pp. ii-iii)
-In Our Own Words (pp. ii-iii)
-Chris Foltz: Reinventing Life (p. iv)

News & Views--Spring 2016

Articles found in this issue:
-Shrinking Justice Systems by Diverting People to Care (p. 1)
-President’s Corner: Public-Private Partnerships Accelerate Systems Change (p. 2)
-TASC Welcomes New Board Member (p. 3)
-Preview: TASC Marks 40 Years of Promoting Health and Justice (p. 6)
-2015 Leadership Awards Luncheon Thanks and Highlights (p. 7)
-Improved Outcomes with TASC Care Management (p. 8)

News & Views--Summer/Fall 2015

Articles found in this issue:
-The Public Dividends of Medicaid Expansion (p. 1)
-President’s Corner: Leveraging Innovation (p. 2)
-TASC’s Center for Health and Justice Offers Consultation on Program Sustainability (p. 4)
-TASC’s Board Officers Elected (p. 5)
-Rebuilding Lives, Strengthening Communities, Restoring Hope (p. 6)

News & Views--Winter/Spring 2015

Articles found in this issue:
-U.S. Senate Holds Forums on Addiction (p. 1)
-TASC President Speaks at White House Event on Addiction Recovery (p. 1)
-President’s Corner: The Time is Now for Criminal Justice Reform in Illinois (p. 2)
-Sangamon County Drug Court Celebrates Four Years (p. 3)
-TASC Welcomes New Board Member (p. 3)
-TASC Honors Senator Mattie Hunter Author and Walgreens Executive Steve Pemberton (pp. 4-5)
-Thanks to All Our Leadership Luncheon Sponsors & Guests (p. 5)
-Making a Difference Across Illinois (p. 6)

News & Views--Spring 2014

Articles found in this issue:
-National Survey Shows Growth of Diversion Programs (p. 1)
-Risk-Need-Responsivity Simulation Tool Introduced in Illinois (p. 2)
-TASC Leaders Honored by White House (p. 3)
-Popular Justice Leadership Symposium Enhances Efficacy through Addiction Science, Systems Change (p. 4)
-TASC Welcomes New Leadership Members (p. 4)
-Hope Against the Heroin Crisis: Column by Timothy P. Condon, PhD (p. 5)
-Making a Difference Across Illinois (p. 6)

News & Views--Fall 2013

Articles found in this issue:
-President’s Corner: Getting Criminal Justice Right in Illinois (p. 1)  
-National Survey Shows Societal Benefits of Recovery (p. 2)  
-TASC Celebrates Recovery Month (p. 2)  
-TASC Welcomes New Board Members (p. 2)
-December 11 Luncheon to Honor WGN’s Bob Jordan, LAC’s Paul Samuels (p. 3)
-New TASC Science Advisor Dr. Timothy Condon (p. 3)  
-Governor Lauds Summits of Hope (p. 4)

News & Views--Spring 2013 

Articles found in this issue:
-Focus on: Decatur Correctional Center's Moms and Babies Program (p.1)
-President's Corner: Amidst Pain and Chaos, Hope and Solutions (p.2)
-Hope in Fighting Heroin Epidemic in Madison County (p.4)
-Outside the Walls: Celebrating Family Reconciliation and Recovery (p.5)
-TASC Luncheon Honors Leaders (p.6)
-Spirit of Philanthropy (p.7)
-TASC & Rockford Celebrate Recovery Rally on the Rock (p.6)

News & Views--Fall/Winter 2012

Articles found in this issue:
-Focus on: RAP/Judge Lauds Program Graduates, Staff (p.1)
-President's Corner: Why Systems Matter (p.2)
-TASC Welcomes New Board Members (p.3)
-Join TASC 2012 Honorees/Register for December 12 Luncheon (p.5)

News & Views--Spring 2012

Articles found in this issue:
-President's Corner / Back to Basics: What Is TASC Case Management? (p.1)
-CHJ Spotlight: National Judicial Training and Systems Change Initiative (p.2)
-TASC Part of Strong Foundation for Chicago's Ed Negron (p.3)
-Board Leaders Welcomed, Honored (p.4)
-Power of Recovery Uplifts TASC 35-Year Celebration (p.5)
-Philanthropy News: Introducing TASC's Philanthropy Committee (p.6)

News & Views--Summer 2011

Articles found in this issue:
-President's Corner / Racial Disproportionality in the Justice System: What We Can Do
-Illinois Commission Proposes Solutions to Disproportionate Justice
-TASC's Smart Start Program Helps Women and Young Children in Peoria County
-Health Care Reform: What Does It Mean for Justice Populations?
-TASC Earns Maximum CARF Accreditation
-Illinois Association for Criminal Justice Focuses on Services and Policy
-Training and Philanthropy Leaders Join TASC
-Remembering Noel Dennis, TASC Board Member
-Visionary Leaders Honored

News & Views--Summer 2010

Articles found in this issue:
-TASC Clients Twice as Successful as Others in Treatment in Illinois
-Justice Panel Launches Study of Disproportionate Minority Imprisonment in Illinois
-TASC Helps Caregiver Get Help, Regain Freedom, and Thrive
-Thank You to Our Donors and Volunteers!

News & Views--Winter 2008

Articles found in this issue:
-Evidence-Based Practice: A Researcher’s Perspective, by Harry K. Wexler, Ph.D.
-CARF Awards TASC with 3-Year Accreditation
-Applying Evidence-Based Practice at TASC
-TASC Plays Role in Local Publisher’s Success: Isaac Lewis, Jr., North Lawndale Community News

News & Views--Fall 2007

Articles found in this issue:
-TASC Leadership Award Luncheon Celebrates Recovery
-Alcopops Bill Signed into Law
-2007 Leadership Award Luncheon Insert
-New Leaders Join TASC
-TASC VP Peter Palanca Elected to IADDA Board
-TASC’s Benneth Lee Receives National Recovery Award

News & Views----Summer 2007

Articles found in this issue:
-Advancing Change on a Broad Scale
-TASC, Senator Cronin, and Local Communities Collaborate to Combat Underage Drinking
-HBO Documentary Portrays Addiction and Recovery
-Center for Health and Justice at TASC Insert
-TASC Recovery Coach Program News
-National Recovery Month Web Series: Illinois Experts Featured
-Chicago Reporter Magazine Showcases Former TASC Client
-TASC Leader Receives National Appointment

News & Views--Winter 2007

Articles found in this issue:
-White House Commends Illinois Meth Initiative
-Cook County Mental Health Court
-New Leaders Join TASC
-NIDA Releases New Publication in Chicago
-Recovery Coach Program Success Leads to Expansion

TASC Reports--Winter 2004

Articles found in this issue:
-Treatment-on-Demand Initiative Introduced
-TASC Honors Congressman Danny K. Davis at 2003 Leadership Award Luncheon
-TASC’s Winners’ Circle hits the small screen!

TASC Reports--Spring 2003

Articles found in this issue:
-Public Discussion, Support of Treatment and Recovery Increasing
-Palanca Joins TASC Executive Team
-Restoring Citizenship Leadership Retreat
-TASC Videoconferencing Project Sponsored by SBC Excelerator Grant
-Client Spotlight
-TASC's Annual Giving Campaign